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How does Equine Co-Facilitated Learning and Therapy Differ From Horsemanship?

The focus is on human skills, not horse skills.   Horsemanship is about the instructor directing specific skills with horses.  EAP is about the clients being themselves.  We don't ride the horses, all work is done on the ground. 

A treatment team consists of a mental health professional, horse professional, & clients and horses being themselves.

Specific treatment goals, objectives, and interventions are identified and documented.  Sessions are structured and facilitated to deliberately address the reasons clients sought therapy.

EAP activities are designed to best create metaphors to real life. This allows for metaphorical learning as everything done with the horses is related to what is happening at home, school, work, in relationships, etc.

Equine Assisted psychotherapy is an experiential modality of mental health treatment.  It involves setting up activities with horses which will require the client or group to apply certain skills.  Non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking and problem-solving, leadership, work, taking responsibility, teamwork and relationships, confidence, and attitude are several examples of the tools utilized and skills developed by EAP..

EAP is a powerful and effective therapeutic approach that has an incredible impact on individuals, youth, families and groups.  EAP addresses a variety of mental health and human development needs, including behavioral issues, attention deficit disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, abuse issues, depression, anxiety, relationship problems and communication needs.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an experiential approach to problem solving, team building, and systems analysis, for businesses, agencies, groups, and corporations.  It is an exciting and dynamic approach that enables teams/groups to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and experiment with new ways of approaching their unique challenges.  EAL operates in the same way as 
EAP, however with a different focus and with a corporate liaison on board our team to assist with systems analysis and intervention.  EAL interventions can be individual sessions, a series of individuals, half day or whole day workshops, weekend or week long retreats. EAL programs are customized and individualized to address your team/groups/agencys' unique challenges and goals.

Team Equus.org encourages corporate team building and the use of horses to define strengths and weaknesses within the corporate bubble.

Horse Corps

We would like to introduce "Horse Corps".  Horse Corps is therapy that is designed to help women in the military who have been diagnosed with PTSD and/or MST.  This program is our contribution as providers  to the "Give an Hour" program. 

Horse Corps meets the last Sunday of every month, rain or shine.  This group is open to all that wish to attend, current or former military.  Please call 727-467-4213 for more details, see also Horsecorps.com.

        Customized Circle of Veterans Retreats for Families Dealing with PTSD

     Did you know..,

   Research has uncovered that children in families with a family member who has ptsd (posttraumatic stress disorder) have the highest rates of suicide among all groups of children? We provide individualized weekend retreats at the Circle of Veterans' beautiful beach location, utilizing the tranquility of the sea and equine therapy, along with psychoeducational, experiential, and holistic healing methods to mend the wounds of the veteran/1st reponder, his/her relationship with their partner, as well as their childrens' pain to move all forward to rich, fulflling, successful lives.


"I was amazed at how the use of equine-assisted therapy simplified what I thought was so complicated, and I noticed that the manner in which I thought and behaved towards the horses, mirrored the way I have been with people."  -Deb N., VA nurse

"Vast improvements with every session.  This should be a required therapy for all wounded soldiers their families". - "former military"

"I never knew one weekend would provide so much insight  into my daughter."  -Linda M..

"Dr. Williams

As a veteran who has suffered from PTSD due to MST, I can testify that working with horses has literally saved my life. Many vets are reluctant to go through traditional verbal therapy. Traditional forms of therapy require the veteran to be verbal & to relive their traumas, which is the last thing a person suffering from PTSD wants to do. Bottom line-they want to be left alone, this seclusion from society leads to suicide. Many avoid any form of verbal therapy & either internalize their emotions (which can result in self hate, self mutilation, depression, anger, many other maladaptive behaviors), or externalize their emotions & are aggressive &/or violent. Many require frequent hospitalization or ER interventions, counseling & increased drug usage of both prescription &/or illegal drugs.

I have made significant gains in areas of adaptive functioning while I was in the equine program. I continue to have symptoms of PTSD, I have shown significant improvements in areas such as cause & effect reasoning, problem solving, insight into their own interpersonal style & moods, developing trust, & understanding how their condition affects others, as well as how to begin to self-regulate their emotions.

Interaction with these sensitive animals has increased my sense of belonging, sense of accomplishment, mutual respect, trust & kindness. It is transfiguring when a 1200 lb animal will perform appropriately for you. This experience quickly translates to dealing with humans, which most veterans with PTSD do poorly, if at all".

-Carol L.,RN,USMC 
DISORDER!!!  Check back for unsolicited testimoinials!

                                                  NEW FOR 2016:

By request, Dr Williams, Licensed Psychologist, our Program Director, is available for phone 
consultation/therapy services by appointment. Call our office directly for more information on this
convenient new service! 727 467 4213

   We combine Rapid Resolution Therapy with Equine modalities for
    superior results.  Dare to compare!



      Equusolutions, Inc is launching this program to deliver low-to-no-cost  toiletry and basic needs items           to veterans, 1st responders, and other residents in need of same in local assisted living & rehabilitation facilities.  This is for folks who have minimal means, and/or no one to provide this welcomed combined service, and hospitality visitation for them. This program will also serve as an initiative to offer equine-assisted therapy to appropriate residents in facilities that have previously expressed an interest in EAP,  via our mobile-mini (horses) program.

               ***EQUUSOLUTIONS WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A HUGE SHOUT OUT! To Rev Payne, of The Center for the Divinely Guided, for being our first donor of an oversized box of toiletry items and essentials for The Pegasus Program! The box was promptly delivered and welcomed by The Circle of Veterans in Dade City, and will go to good use immediately! THANK YOU REV PAYNE!!

***A BIG THANK YOU!!! & warm hugs to our "anonymous" restaurant donor, who has supplied unused cuts of fresh , organic, non GMO meat for our distribution through this program for those in need! So far, we have served  2 individuals, and one transitional home for veterans!  We thank you kind business owner! (who has asked to remain unnamed..,) You know who you are!  ; )

Starting 1/17 In our Tarpon Springs Office, next to N. Florida Hospital, on ALT 19: Tarpon Professional Center, 1501 S Pinellas Ave, Suite P: We alternate days between tues-weds-thurs  starting at 630p until?  Come early; stay late: its FREE!!  Learn many different modalities to meditate, destress..,clear anxiety..,find peace.  Led by our favorite hypnotist, and founding board member CHRIS HRABOVSKY!!! Call/ext Chris for schedule: 727 481 9076


 1501 S Pinellas Ave, Suite P, Tarpon Springs, 34689  727-467-4213 Dr, Darlene Williams. - Program Director, M.H.. - EAGALA Certified 2003 - Patte Plount -C.O.E.,. Corporate Liaison, E.S. - EAGALA Certified 2009,-Diane Molony, LMT, E.S., Eagala Certified 2009,-Jennifer Tourney, LMHC, M.H..,E.S., 
EAGALA Certified 2013, JoEllen Renwick, BSW, Volunteer Scribe/Proocess Observer, Angelica Gomez, BA, Volunteer Scribe/Process Observer & all of our beloved rescue equine cotherapists!


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